Gentamicin 80mg/2ml

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They derive from the antibacterial activity and the pharmacokinetic characteristics of gentamicin. They take into account both the clinical studies to which the drug has given rise and its place in the range of antibacterial products currently available.

They are limited to:

· Gram-negative bacilli infections defined above as sensitive, in particular in their renal and urological manifestations.

The combination of gentamicin with another antibiotic may be justified in certain infections with sensitive germs based on bacteriological data, in particular in their manifestations:

o renal, urological and genital,

o septicaemic and endocarditic,

o meningeal (by adding a local treatment)

o respiratory,

o cutaneous (malignant cutaneous staphylococcal disease of the face)

o articular.

Prophylaxis of post-operative infections:

o in urological surgery (endoscopic resections of the prostate, endo-bladder tumors),

o for patients allergic to beta-lactams in:

§ digestive surgery under mesocolic in combination with an imidazole or clindamycin,

§ ENT oncology surgery with opening of the oropharyngeal tract in combination with clindamycin,

§ gynecological surgery in combination with clindamycin,

§ limb amputation in combination with clindamycin.

Medical prophylaxis:

o prophylaxis of infectious endocarditis during urological and digestive procedures, in combination with amoxicillin, or a glycopeptide in case of allergy to beta-lactams.

Consideration should be given to official recommendations regarding the appropriate use of antibacterials.